The Why? Series is an annual Zacharias Trust event that explores key questions about the Christian faith.

Why the future is now?

Saturday 18th May, 2019

St Mary’s Church, Bryanston Square, London

10:00am (with doors opening at 9.30am)
and conclude at 5pm.

Tickets cost £22 (£15 for students and the unwaged) and are available from TicketTailor.

On Saturday 18 May, 2019, Simon Edwards will lead our team of apologists as they guide believers through the complex ethical landscape that surrounds humanity’s progress. We will explore the increasing significance of the Gospel in a world that technology has made limitless and equip you to understand what progress truly looks like from a Christian perspective

What significance has the Gospel for humanity in an accelerating world without limits? This event will equip you to address contemporary challenges to the Christian understanding of what it means to be human by exploring:

The day will include…

BIOETHICS: are cut-and-paste humans the future?

AM I JUST MY BRAIN? Do our neurons define who we are? 

DEATH BECOMES US: a Christian response to euthanasia

ME, MYSELFIE & ISOLATION: the significance of one in seven billion

Q&A PANEL I: Should we fear Artificial Intelligence?

Q&A PANEL II: with Simon Edwards and the team

Previous Why? Series Events

Why Religion?

In March 2017 the Zacharias Trust hosted it’s second “Why? Series” based on the topic of religion. During the day attendees got to ask questions on whether religion is irrational, immoral, intolerant or dangerous?

Why Religion | Dangerous
Would the world be safer without religion?
Simon Edwards

Why Religion | Immoral
Is the Bible sexist and racist?
Lara Buchanan

Why Religion | Intolerant
Are christians anti-gay?
Sam Allberry

Why Religion | Irrational
Is faith in God anti-reason?
John Lennox

Why Suffering?

In May 2016 the Zacharias Trust hosted the first “Why? Series” based on the topic of suffering. The talks of the day equipped people to answer one of the greatest objections to the existence of a good and loving God.

Suffering and Free Will
Amy Orr-Ewing

Suffering and Jesus
Nabeel Qureshi

Suffering and Natural Disasters
Sharon Dirckx

Suffering and the Love of God
Vince Vitale