Unforgettable year comes to a close for OCCA students


The hard work of students from the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA) has been celebrated at a commissioning event to mark the end of their studies.

Twenty-three students from nine countries, including Uganda, South Korea, the Philippines and the US, were represented on this year’s course.

Over the year, the students have not only learnt about apologetics, evangelism and theology, but have put their knowledge and skills into practice at missions and speaking engagements throughout the UK and Europe.

Proclaim, teach, live

The Wesley Memorial Church in Oxford was the venue for the commissioning ceremony, where the students heard messages from Professor John Lennox and Michael Ramsden.

Prof Lennox said that in a world where truth is under fire and meaning is something that everyone craves, he was thrilled to be part of the OCCA teaching team and to see the students embarking into the world with something to say.

“That is a very exciting thing because many people, and not simply young people, have nothing to say,” he said. “They have lived life, they’ve got it all, they may have all the toys and everything else, but now they wonder what it’s all been about. To start life at your age having deep convictions, reasoned convictions and tested convictions about what is true is a very thrilling thing.”

These year’s students are the latest in a long line to have completed their studies since the OCCA was established in 2005. You can find more about the programmes OCCA offers here

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