Want to deepen your understanding of your faith and be equipped to defend, commend and give clear reasons for the Gospel?


Date:  Friday 12th – Sunday 14th October 2018

Location: Wycliffe Hall, 52-54 Banbury Road, Oxford

Phases being run: Foundation & Advanced

Cost: £125 per person [this covers the course fees and most meals (excluding breakfasts and Saturday lunch) across the weekend but excludes accommodation]

Want to deepen your understanding of your faith and be equipped to defend, commend and give clear reasons for the Gospel? The Zacharias Trust Training Weekends are for you.

The Zacharias Trust Training Weekends, running from Friday morning through to Sunday afternoon, provide in-depth teaching in apologetics and the spiritual disciplines in the stimulating environment of Oxford.  Our aim is to equip each participant to be a dynamic witness in whatever context God has placed them in, by helping them to grapple with the heartfelt questions and intellectual challenges of contemporary society, as well as to grow significantly in spiritual life and character.  Speakers from the Zacharias Trust will lead all sessions. The training is structured to allow for a lot of interaction with speakers and opportunities to ask questions.


Click below to book your ticket for the training weekend. Bookings can be taken online, but do please call the office on 01865 302900 if you have any problems.

Course Content

Foundation Phase: This forms the basis of the course. Topics include an introduction to conversational apologetics and evangelism, reliability of the bible, reasons to believe, difficult Old Testament texts, spiritual disciplines, the problem of suffering, the nature of truth and the evidential case for the resurrection. We examine worldviews that seek to deconstruct or distort the concept of Truth, and grapple with questions of faith and doubt. The focus is to provide tools through which to answer the question ‘How can I know?’, to address doubt, and to grow in confidence in communicating the Gospel in our own context.

Advanced Phase: This examines questions surrounding science and faith including the worldview of New Atheism, but focusing on the doctrine of God as creator in exploring the origins of the universe. We consider current questions around Christian sexual ethics, the argument from morality, and questions surrounding other religions including the increasingly popular eastern spirituality of pantheism. We also discuss Islam and present ways of understanding its influence in the world. The discussions are aim not only give an explanation of the challenges presented by these themes, but to provide practical help in sharing Christ amidst them.

Please note: As of March 2018 the format of the weekends has been altered from the original three-phase course, and the content combined to fit all training into two weekends. This means that attendees are able to complete the entire course within the space of 7 months, and at two thirds of the cost. The breadth and quantity of content remains the same, and both phases have been enhanced to more effectively deliver a strong mix of apologetics training with discipleship. Some areas have been combined into one longer session and if you feel that are specific things that you would like to cover in greater detail, there are several spaces within the programme that allow time for this to happen.

For those attendees who started the weekends whilst they were still being run in the previous format, there will be a small amount of overlap between what has already been covered and what you will be hearing on the revised Advanced Phase. We will offer flexibility to enable anyone in this situation to switch to a talk on the other phase if preferred.


The weekend will run from the morning of the Friday to the afternoon of the Sunday. The cost of attending does not include accommodation, although the teaching material and most meals are provided. Please note that we strongly recommend booking early, as, if left to the last minute, weekend accommodation can be more difficult to find in Oxford. For suggestions of places to say, see the ‘Accommodation Guide’ below (at the bottom of this page).

Accommodation Guide

There are many different forms of accommodation in Oxford and they range from the more expensive hotels to cheaper accommodation in a college or bed and breakfast. Please note that we strongly recommend booking early and we also also recommend shopping around online (and checking the reviews), as you can sometimes find discounted deals. If you are intending to drive then please check with the hotel about their parking arrangements (as some hotels do not provide parking) and also bear in mind that traveling through the city can be slow during rush hour.

Closest places to stay are...


81 Banbury Road (300m from the venue) A guest house run by Tim and Miriam (friends of the ministry). Normally £80 per night, but prices negotiable on length of stay (mention that you are coming to an RZIM event): 01865 557236

Cotswold Lodge Hotel (300m from the venue) Rooms approximately £170 per night (www.cotswoldlodgehotel.co.uk).

St Hugh’s College (500m from the venue). College rooms rented out to guests for around £50 a night (on www.universityrooms.com).

St Margaret’s Hotel (0.5 miles from the venue). Rooms from around £68 a night (www.thestmargaretshotel.co.uk).

Best Western Linton Lodge (0.5 miles from the venue). Rooms range from around £100 a night (without breakfast) to around £115 with it (www.bw-lintonlodgehotel.co.uk).

Rewley House: (0.5 miles from the venue): Student accommodation from around £67 a night (via www.laterooms.com).

The Buttery: (0.6 mile from the venue): City centre accommodation from £80 upwards (www.thebutteryhotel.co.uk).

The Galaxie Hotel (0.9 miles from the venue): Rooms from around £80 a night (www.galaxie.co.uk).

Other options: There are many different bed and breakfasts on the Banbury Road that are over a mile away from the venue, but which can be accessed easily by bus (as there are regular buses to and from the centre). These include Cotswold House and Burlington House.  There are also many hotels in the city centre, although these tend to be more expensive than those outside of it.

YHA Oxford is a 30minute walk from the venue, situated next to the train station. They do very reasonably priced beds and its possible to book private rooms for several people. Let us know if you would like to stay here and if there are several of you we can explore the option of booking a room. www.yha.org.uk/hostel/oxford