The Why? Series is an annual Zacharias Trust event that explores key questions about the Christian faith.

Run by the Zacharias Trust, the ‘Why? series’ is designed to help believers explore key questions about the Christian faith. The interactive training not only provides approaches and answers to some of the most difficult topics believers face today, but also gives practical guidance for those wanting to communicate their faith more effectively.

Next Why? Series: Saturday 12th May 2018

St Mary’s Church Bryanston Square, London, W1H 1PQ
10:00am – 5:00pm, doors open at 9:30am

Do you want to be able to engage in a meaningful way with those who are sceptical of truth claims and Christianity?


This event will equip you to answer some of the greatest objections to the existence of a good and loving God, exploring:

SCEPTICISM: Why believe anything?

JESUS: Why Christianity makes sense

IN REAL LIFE: Talking Jesus with seekers and sceptics

TOLERANCE: Speaking truth in a culture of offence

IDENTITY: Living free in an image obsessed society

Q&A panel with Amy Orr-Ewing and the team

COURAGE: Inspiration for today from the book of Daniel


Previous Why? Series Events

Why Religion?

In March 2017 the Zacharias Trust hosted it’s second “Why? Series” based on the topic of religion. During the day attendees got to ask questions on whether religion is irrational, immoral, intolerant or dangerous?

Why Religion | Dangerous
Would the world be safer without religion?
Simon Edwards

Why Religion | Immoral
Is the Bible sexist and racist?
Lara Buchanan

Why Religion | Intolerant
Are christians anti-gay?
Sam Allberry

Why Religion | Irrational
Is faith in God anti-reason?
John Lennox

Why Suffering?

In May 2016 the Zacharias Trust hosted the first “Why? Series” based on the topic of suffering. The talks of the day equipped people to answer one of the greatest objections to the existence of a good and loving God.

Suffering and Free Will
Amy Orr-Ewing

Suffering and Jesus
Nabeel Qureshi

Suffering and Natural Disasters
Sharon Dirckx

Suffering and the Love of God
Vince Vitale