Category: The Bible

Why isn’t God more obvious?

Did you know that the Bible actually recognises the validity of the question we are asking? It tends to be a surprisingly honest book. Astonishingly, the Bible even contains verses that show God deliberately hiding or obscuring himself sometimes.

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Why trust the Bible?

First, when somebody says “why trust the Bible?” I sometimes respond “why not trust the Bible?” One can only really doubt something if one has something more solid to believe in. Unless you merely want to be a sceptic. Whilst that’s very fashionable, it’s hard to be a consistent sceptic. Why not be sceptical about your scepticism?

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Isn’t the Bible sexist?

There is a widespread belief around about the Bible that it is some kind of powerful patriarchal conspiracy that has been used to oppress women. As a female speaker I find that this question is frequently asked: ‘How can you as woman promote such a sexist book?’ ‘The Church has tried to keep women down!’

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