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The new Hollywood blockbuster Noah, starring Russell Crow, Emma Watson and Anthony Hopkins is currently topping the US Box Office.  Russell Crowe topped UK headlines this week after visiting the Archbishop of Canterbury, The Most Reverend Justin Welby at Lambeth Palace to discuss faith and spirituality. You can find out more about this visit here.

OCCA Tutor Tom Price was asked to give his thoughts on the new Hollywood blockbuster Noah, starring Russell Crowe. Tom labeled Noah ‘a profound film.’ Here are his comments, taken from Christian Today:

‘I think this is a good example of film doing what film does best – raising the big questions of life. What are we as human beings? Has there been a divine communication to us? Is God there or is he a figment of human imagination? And what about human nature; are we basically good, or is there something rotten and wicked in us? Is what’s wrong with the world out there in other people – in serial killers, murderers and rapists – or is there something in us as well?

There were clear links and clear points of contact with the biblical story [in the movie], but that’s to miss the point of the art. The art is all about finding a connection with the questions that we’re all asking,’ he contends. Price argues that the film holds value for people of all walks of life, regardless of their beliefs.

‘The questions that this film raises about human identity, stewardship of natural resources, God’s existence, the nature of humanity, whether we can have hope, what we have hope in, are deeply human questions that concern not only those of us in the religious community but those outside of it too,’ he explains.

‘I think the danger of this is that if we expect this to be a Christian film, true to Christian principles for a Christian audience then we don’t create a space for film studios to do their art, and then we miss out on a really important conversation or connection.’

Read his full article on Christianity Today and find out more about the film here.

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