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Where is God in the pain of suicide?

From a Christian perspective, life is sacred, and the fracturing and dislocation of body and soul are extremely painful, but even in the midst of experiencing these dark and overwhelming feelings, there is a genuine, accessible and robust hope for redemption.

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Where is God in depression?

The suffering of mental-health disorders presents a very particular challenge to anyone considering the question of suffering alongside questions of faith since, if we are afflicted personally with a mental-health condition, our very perceptions, thoughts and feelings are affected directly.

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The Art of Knowing God: Remembering J. I. Packer

Knowing God never happens in abstract but involves thick contexts of cost and seemingly irreconcilable difficulties. J.I. Packer, the theologian who died last month aged 93, was a stunning example of a mind who recognised that although humans can never fully capture God, we can radically serve the deepest kind of knowledge – that is in knowing and being saved by God.

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How do we make sense of a post-COVID world?

For many people right now, concluding for atheism seems like the obvious thing to do; the kind of suffering which has come with Coronavirus seems incompatible with the existence of a loving God. Yet our conviction that we have been face-to-face with real good and real evil and the unpalatability of there being no meaning at all suggests we cannot remove God from the picture. To remove God from the picture is to remove the possibility of an answer.

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Does Christianity have all the answers to coronavirus?

The first thing to say is that I don’t have all the answers. I’ll be honest with you, this is the hardest question that any of us face. To offer simplistic answers is worse than hopeless. We react very differently to coronavirus, temperamentally and psychologically and, this is one of the reasons I believe Christianity to be true, it deals with this differential diagnosis.

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