Today, the need for sound apologetics has arguably never been greater. RZIM Zacharias Trust exists to defend the Christian faith against such criticism, on both a popular and an academic level, offering a counter-claim to modern-day secularism. Our apologetics speaking team is complemented by our lecturers and tutors at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA), all of whom act as additional speaking resources for the trust, wherever possible. This combined team comprise some of the leading Christian thinkers of our time, with more than 150 years’ speaking and preaching experience between them.


Directors of RZIM (EMEA Region)

Michael RamsdenRavi Zacharias
Founder and President of RZIM
Based in USA
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Michael Ramsden 2-01Michael Ramsden
RZIM International Director
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Michael RamsdenAmy Orr-Ewing
Senior Vice President, RZIM
Director of the OCCA
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OCCA Fellows

An “OCCA Fellow” is an OCCA graduate employed by RZIM as a speaker on an intense, two-year, structured mentoring and ministry development programme; they are proactively developing new relationships and evangelistic opportunities at the strategic location at which they have been placed.

Gareth Black
Gareth Black
OCCA Fellow
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Madeline Jackson
OCCA Fellow (PT)
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Alex Stark
OCCA Fellow
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Alanzo Paul
OCCA Fellow (PT)
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EMEA Regional Directors

Christian Hofreiter 2-23Christian Hofreiter
Director of RZIM Germany, Austria and Switzerland
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Michael Ramsden
Andy Wickham

Director of RZIM Spain
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Michael Ramsden
Vlad Criznic

Director of RZIM Romania
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Michael Ramsden
Mahlatse Winston Mashua

Director of RZIM South Africa
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Michael Ramsden
Kosta Milkov

Director of RZIM Macedonia
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