RSS is extremely simple – in fact, RSS stands for Really SIMPLE Syndication – yet it remains a wonderfully elegant and easy-to-use technology, and we’re totally stoked about being able to offer it on this website.

Here’s why RSS is great for a website such as ours:

Our plan is to update this website with great apologetics articles, adding downloads to help in your daily life, posting news reports about our ministry, and spreading the word about brilliant things that God is doing – But, here’s the problem … How do you know when a new article gets put up on this website?

The old way for keeping up-to-date with new articles on your favourite websites was to bookmark them, and then, when you had a spare moment, go and check each of them for new stuff. That can be a time consuming activity, particularly if you are interested in loads of different websites, and sometimes you might miss something that was time critical – perhaps a local event, or news report that needed your attention – this is where RSS can make life so much easier.

The new way is RSS. RSS lets YOU know when new articles are posted, even better than that, the service we use can send out to you a copy of every new article we put on this site, all automatically – no more bookmarks needed!

Signing up to get new website articles delivered direct to your email inbox

You might have seen this box on the right titled Keeping in Touch around our website, but perhaps you weren’t sure of what you might be signing up for. Well this is where you subscribe to the RSS we have been talking about.There are many different ways to hook-up RSS, we decided to use a service called Feedburner to send emails out to subscribers of our RSS, simply add your email to the box and then confirm your subscription with Feedburner.

Keeping in Touch

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Still not fully understanding what RSS is, nor what it can do for me?

That’s fine, thankfully, nobody explains RSS better than in this brilliant short video by Common Craft.

As you can see, RSS feeds can be picked up by a variety of different readers, give it a try.

But I get loads of emails already, have you got a more ‘traditional’ way to stay informed, perhaps that consolidates the articles into something more bite-sized?

Sure, we understand, that’s why we have a newsletter instead. Here is some info and a sign-up form:

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Equipping & Informing

Together with our Pulse magazine (available in printed form or electronically), you can expect to hear from us approximately once a month.

For all new subscribers, there’s a free download as a taster of the type of teaching that we have on offer!

  • Three copies each year of our Pulse Magazine
  • Around eight email newsletters a year with useful links to downloads, forthcoming interesting debates, apologetics articles, events, and prayer requests, along with the latest news from our team.