Rethink Jesus 2020

15-22 November 2020

Rethink Jesus 2020 is a city-wide movement that invites Londoners to consider for themselves the life and claims of Jesus. It seeks to do this through large-scale events across the city, widespread advertising and resources on a dedicated website that are designed to encourage the public to re-evaluate and discuss their beliefs about Jesus. Rethink Jesus 2020 is an initiative run by churches of London in partnership with the Zacharias Trust.


A study in 2016 showed that there are a wide range of opinions about Jesus within the British public, and these even differed according to someone’s age and ethnicity. Whilst 61% of adults believed Jesus was a real historical figure, the most common conclusion was that he was a prophet or spiritual leader, rather than God (29%). By contrast, as many as 44% of adults believed that the resurrection actually happened, but the vast majority seemed to be disconnected from its significance for their own lives.

The same study also suggested that whilst most practising Christians were trying to reach others for Christ, the results were often mixed. Rethink Jesus 2020 is a city-wide movement that seeks to encourage and help Londoners to explore the significance of Jesus for themselves.


Rethink Jesus 2020 will revolve around a week of evangelism (15-22 November 2020) with events held across a number of churches in central London, each responsible for hosting an evangelistic event on one day of the week and helping to promote the initiative, as well as encouraging their congregations to participate. It is hoped that the involvement of these historical churches, as well as the widespread advertising and resources on the website, will create multiple beacons by which Christ’s light can illuminate the very heart of London. The idea is to shift the culture within the capital towards Jesus and in the process to connect people to the church, so that they might ultimately commit their lives to God.


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