We value every gift that you give to support our ministry.

Thank you so much for your donation. Because of gifts like yours, we have recently been able to fund a full-time itinerant speaker and thus increase our ability to minister in a variety of settings and countries. We have also been able to develop our Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics so that we can train more emerging evangelist-apologists and provide much-needed bursary support where required.

Our desire is to have an even greater impact on the world – by directly engaging with those who have genuine questions regarding the Christian faith. At the same time, we want to equip Christians from all denominations with the confidence to give an intelligent, articulate, and reasoned answer for the hope that they have. Your continued support – with tax-efficient giving where possible – will enable us to do this.

Thank you so much once again for partnering with us. Put simply: without your help, we could not accomplish what we are doing.

The RZIM Zacharias Trust Team

Thank you for your generosity.