David Bennett

OCCA Fellow

David Bennett is a research fellow at OCCA The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and is from Sydney, Australia. He studied both journalism and international relations in Australia and France, respectively, before attending the OCCA (2013-14). David holds an Oxford postgraduate degree in theology, a master’s degree in analytic and exegetical theology from St. Andrews, Scotland, and is now completing his doctorate in theology at the University of Oxford.

David is a passionate Christian apologist who speaks and writes on a wide range of topics including sexuality and faith. He is frequently asked to appear and speak in a variety of settings including national radio and TV, most recently BBC 1’s The Big Questions. As a gay celibate Christian, he is seeking to be a fresh voice on the topics of love, desire, and sexuality in order to show how people can live in accordance with Christ’s teaching. David recently published his first book entitled A War of Loves (Zondervan, 2018). It describes his own story from agnostic gay activist to follower of Jesus, in which he advocates for a positive moral vision of biblical sexuality and discipleship. His other interests include writing, cooking, and living in Christian community.