David Bennett

OCCA Fellow

David Bennett is a Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA) from Sydney, Australia. He studied both journalism and international relations in Australia and France respectively, before attending the OCCA (2013-14). He has recently completed his postgraduate diploma in theology at the University of Oxford and is now pursuing a Masters in Analytical and Exegetical Theology with the Logos Institute at the University of St Andrews.

David is a passionate Christian apologist who speaks and writes on a wide range of topics including sexuality and faith. He is frequently asked to appear and speak in a variety of settings including national radio and TV, most recently BBC 1’s The Big Questions. As a gay celibate Christian, he is seeking to be a fresh voice on the topics of love, desire, and sexuality in order to show how people can live in accordance with Christ’s teaching. David is currently working on a book entitled A War of Loves (Zondervan, 2018). It describes his own story from agnostic gay activist to follower of Jesus, in which he advocates for a positive moral vision of biblical sexuality and discipleship. His other interests include writing, cooking, and living in Christian community.