Internal Access to axle ai

Office staff connecting to Axle

For office staff who are on the server, connecting to Axle is easy. Make sure your computer is on our server and click this link… and you will be able to access Axle (Simple)!

External Access to axle ai

Connecting to Axle via WatchGuard VPN

First you will need to download and connect to our server through WatchGuard VPN…

1. Download the VPN, go to and log-in with the details provided to you. Make sure to change the Domain to ‘Firebox-DB’ on the drop-down menu.  You will get a notification that your connection is not private. Go to ‘advanced’ and press ‘proceed

2. Select the download for your operating system and run the installer application once the download has finished

3. Follow the steps of the installer until it completes the installation

4. You can now launch WatchGuard mobile VPN with SSL from your applications

5. This will prompt you to log-in again with the same details as earlier, under the server address put: and before your Username make sure to put the domain so the format will be Firebox-DB\Editor1. Password will remain the same as previously.

6. Now press ‘connect’ and after a short time connection will be established, you should now have access

7. When you have successfully connected to the WatchGuard VPN you will see a symbol at the top of your screen saying you are connected. You can use this icon to disconnect when you are finished.