Author: Darren Quinnell

Global Report – April 2017

Michelle Tepper, Sam Allberry, Michael Ramsden, and Kosta Milkov share updates from the team’s travels over the month. In April, the team met with skeptics for a week in Austin, Texas including speaking and participating in multiple Q&As in pubs around the city; Sam Allberry spoke at Indiana University-Bloomington on…

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Death Is Dead, Christ Has Conquered

Steven Spielberg is my favorite movie director. E.T., Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Jaws form the perfect trifecta. Childhood dreams and fears were built around them. But for all his brilliance, the man just can’t do endings. Too often his movies are over-resolved, with things tied up a bit too neatly and set against a sunset that begs belief—the three sappiest endings being Minority Report, Saving Private Ryan, and A.I.

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