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Prof John Lennox appears on Premier Christian Radio’s ‘Unbelievable’.

Zacharias Trust speaker and Oxford Professor John Lennox recently featured on Premier Christian Radio’s ‘Unbelievable’ programme where people could ‘Ask him anything’. He responded to questions on atheism, mathematics and his time learning from C.S.Lewis among other topics. His wealth of knowledge and experience allowed him to answer difficult questions with grace, passion and authority, always with an encouraging manner to build up fellow Christians and the wider church.

Prof Lennox will be speaking at the Zacharias Trust’s ‘The Why Series on the 25th March at St Mary’s Bryanston Square in London. He will be addressing the subject of ‘Is faith in God anti-reason?’ This event will also provide a great opportunity for questions to be asked to each of the speakers throughout the day. No question is off limits. You can read about the event here and book online.

Listen to the full ‘Unbelievable’ interview here. 

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