Want to share your faith but struggling to know how to explain why you believe what you believe? In this UCB1 special Becs Millington tackles this problem by taking on the subject of Apologetics with her special guest Simon Edwards of the Zacharias Trust. In this 20 episode resource, listen in for practical tips on how to share, engage and defend your faith.


This week’s episode…

Apologetics 101: Episode 3

Ever had a question about your faith?  How do you deal with the question?  Sometimes it is more about the motivation behind the questions than the answer, Simon Edwards looks at how we go about answering questions about our faith.

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Previous episodes…

Apologetics 101: Episode 1

What is Apologetics?  Simon Edwards, lawyer and UK Director of Zacharias Trust explores what Apologetics is and why it is so important as Christians.

Apologetics 101: Episode 2

Ever thought or been told that asking questions you have about your faith was a bad thing? In this episode of apologetics 101 Simon Edwards debunks this myth and explores why asking questions in our faith is important.