The Time is Now – Week Five:
Looking Ahead:
December 31

Advent: The Time is Now

1. What do you think God is saying to you personally today as you look back on last year and look ahead to next year?
2. How can you bring the Lord into the practical details of your decision making more proactively this year?
3. Who are you hoping to speak to about Christ in this coming year? Take some time to write down the names of friends and family members who are not yet Christians, with whom you would love to be able to share your faith.

Group activity:
What has most impacted you from these Advent studies, and how will you change as a result? Discuss this together and make some resolutions for the New Year. Pray for one another, for specific struggles and hopes, that you would each come to know and love God more, and see His purposes and timing in your lives.


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