The Time is Now – Week Four:
The Time is Now:
December 28

Advent: The Time is Now

1. Have you ever been in the position of pretending you are worshipping when your mind and heart are miles away from God?
2. How can you be more like the Magi who got together with others who were seeking Christ and found Him together?
3. Are there things keeping you from worshipping Christ? What are they? How can you overcome these obstacles to true worship?

Group activity:
Over the last seven days, we have read about the time when the waiting was over and the Messiah finally arrived. We’ve looked at the responses of those at the centre of the action, including Jesus’ mother Mary, the shepherds, the Magi … God had come to be with His people. And He is with us today, by the Holy Spirit.
As a group, design a display for your church, to encourage
other members and visitors with the amazing truth that we can know God’s presence in our lives today. Use as a starting point the wonderful phrase ‘Immanuel, God with us’. Let your worship flow in creative ways – through painting, collage, poetry. If art is not your thing, perhaps simply trace around your hand and write on it something you praise God for, evidence of His fingerprints on your life, and add this to the display.


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