The Time is Now – Week Three:
The Time Came…:
December 21

Advent: The Time is Now

1. ‘Nothing is impossible with God.’ Are there things you believe are impossible for Him to do?

2. Mary was asked by the Lord to be the mother of Jesus. What is the Lord asking you to do? Seek His guidance in your life. Are there dreams and visions He has placed in your heart already? Ask Him to help you fulfil His call on your life.

Group activity:
Choose somebody with an accurate watch to be timekeeper, then get into groups of four or five to pray.
In each group, one person sits in the middle, and the others stand around. Spend a minute in silence, listening to God for the person sitting. Then, for the next ten minutes, those standing pray for the person sitting, and share any words, Bible verses or pictures they have received. When the ten minutes is up, the timekeeper stops everybody and, in each group, a new person sits in the middle. Repeat the one minute of silence and the ten minutes of prayer until everybody has been prayed for.
If possible, have somebody make notes of the words, pictures etc for each person.


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