Month: May 2013

Politics and religion: where should the two intersect?

In some nations there is an official separation between religion and politics, whilst in others the two are inextricably link.

What place should religion have when it comes to legislation? Should we support a theocracy or should we be framing our culture according to a particular worldview or religion? Ravi Zacharias suggests that we should be in favour of the latter (acknowledging the Christian foundation of our society), but he warns that “Any time religion is politicised it is in danger of extinction.”

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Where is God When I Suffer?

How can we trust in a loving God when we see so much suffering in the world around us or if we experience it ourselves?
At OICCU’s main event in 2013 Vince Vitale tackles this very topic, as part of their ‘Born Loved’ week.

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