Month: April 2013

Why personal suffering?

If God knew there would be suffering in the world why did he create something rather than nothing and why does he not now intervene on our behalf? In an interview that was first aired on Radio 2 on Palm Sunday, Sharon Dirckx introduces this topic, which she has addressed in her new book “Why?” There are no easy answers to the problem, but she affirms that God does care immensely about us and that he intervened on our behalf to give us hope of a new life where there would be no suffering.

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Why Only One Way to God?

Given that there are so many religions out there, how can Christians suggest that there is only way to God? Surely such a narrow viewpoint is close-minded and politically incorrect? At OICCU’s main event in 2013 Michelle Tepper tackles this very topic, as part of their ‘Born Loved’ week.

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How do you explain the trinity?

If we accept the law of non-contradiction then how is it possible to believe in the trinity? Doesn’t this make Christianity a form of polytheism or is there an inherent contradiction at the heart of the gospel that cannot be rationally explained? In this video, Ravi Zacharias responds to the question and explains why our understanding of the nature of God has huge ramifications for how we should live our lives.

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