Month: March 2013

Do all religions lead to the same goal?

There are many competing ideas and beliefs in our global society today and any claims about absolute truth seem to go against the grain, when it comes to the promotion of religious pluralism, peace and tolerance. In this excerpt from RZIM’s Foundation of Apologetics series, John Lennox introduces the topic and explains why the Christian message is unique.

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Who is responsible for evil?

How do you respond to a culture that says that evil is outside of us, rather than inside of us? Isn’t it just a case of social conditioning, in the sense that our environment has produced the conditions that have caused people to do evil? Are we not just a product of our upbringing or should we uphold a strong sense of personal responsibility? Furthermore, how do you deal with someone who says evil is external to us or that it is simply relative? These topics are dealt with by Ravi Zacharias and Os Guinness in a Q&A session.

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Is tolerance tolerant?

Michael Ramsden | Video

We live in a society that prides itself on being tolerant and yet we encounter an incredible diversity of cultures, lifestyles, and faiths. Unfortunately our conflicting identities and beliefs often exclude others, so is there any truth in the concept of real acceptance and inclusion?

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Does God Care About Our Happiness?

If there is an infinitely powerful God who has created everything does he really care about our happiness or is he simply indifferent? Does the word “care” carry the same meaning, anyway, if we are applying it to God? Furthermore, what should we make of our suffering, in light of this, and what is the significance of the cross? Ravi Zacharias addresses these questions at an event at Columbia University and he reminds us that the answer should affect how we choose to live.

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