Month: June 2010

Is your relationship with God just a psychological crutch?

Has anyone ever told you that your faith is a ‘crutch?’ I remember getting into a cab outside a central London church. The cabbie took one look at my Bible and launched into his opinion of Christianity. He explained to me that belief in God is a crutch for weak, pathetic people who don’t have the strength to take responsibility for their own lives. When I answered, “Thank you very much”, with just a hint of irony, he blustered on with, “Well, I’m just saying it for your own good. A girl like you doesn’t need religion!”

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What about other people’s genuine experience of God?

As Christians, we often talk about experiencing God directly in our lives and we view this experience as evidence for the truth of the gospel. One of the most common questions we can be asked by sceptical friends is, “What about other people’s genuine experiences of God? Isn’t it really arrogant to say that your experience of God is real but theirs is not?”

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Connect with us…

There are a variety of ways that you can get connected with what the Zacharias Trust is doing. By visiting our connect page you’ll find seven ways to ‘be’ connected with us at the Zacharias Trust.